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Robots at Work

Remember when we were kids watching Star Wars, there was always this robot, R2D2, being a friend to Anakin and Luke Skywalker and supporting them throughout the series? It boggled our minds, giving us the wonders of imagination, that one day we could have such a robot walking amongst us and being our friend. It seems like something impossible, something that is unachievable. Well, it seems as if what seems impossible and unachievable, is in fact, becoming a reality, with different industries turning to robots and artificial intelligence to increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

Edwardian Hotels London has a virtual employee named Edward. Edward helps with amenities requests, giving directory, reviewing information, handling complaints and can even connect guests to immediate call-back if human assistance is necessary. Though not as high-tech as R2D2, if industries are able to create such robots with the current technology, who knows what bigger and more advanced robot can be created in the future with technology set to become more advanced as well? Can such robots prove to be effective in improving Singapore’s fire safety?

Over the past few years, Singapore’s records for workplace or industrial fires has been inconsistent, improving for a couple of years, and then deproving. In 2014, there was a 22.7% increase in number of industrial fire cases, followed by a 9% decrease in 2015, and then a 0.6% increase in 2016. Although there is an increase in industrial fires in 2016, there was a 44.1% decrease in injuries, and 71.4% decrease in fatalities, compared to 2015.

Recently, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) launched their new emergency response robot, the Red Rhino Robot - also known as 3R. With this robot, SCDF can adopt the ‘3+1’ crew, which includes 3 firefighters and 1 robot, instead of the usual 4 man crew, reducing the manpower necessary to respond to emergencies. The Red Rhino Robot will be able to detect and extinguish fires automatically, even though it is remotely controlled. Apart from the Red Rhino Robot, the SCDF also launched new technologies, such as the Exoskeleton, which helps responders to carry the heavy equipments, reducing stress in the muscles, and the Life Detection Robot, which can detect human lives during rescue missions. With the SCDF launching and showcasing new technologies to assist in firefighting, can fire safety in Singapore consistently improve in the next few years?

SRD Pte Ltd offers safety consultations and WSH personnels, including Fire Safety Managers, to tackle any safety concerns and ensure that workplace safety regulations are being practiced. For more enquiries, call at 6250 3385 or email at

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