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How Technology is going to change the Safety Industry

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Technology is part of how the world is today. It is how it is moving forward. Many industries are using technology not only to stay competitive and relevant to society, but out of convenience sake and its efficiency. An example would be the healthcare industry. Nowadays, medical records are kept electronically, making it so much faster and easier to look for a patient’s records. Mobile applications related to healthcare are also created so that patients can monitor their own health and progress, such as prompting them to take their medication or go for their checkups. Looking at how the implementation of technology has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare industries, can technology better improve the safety system in Singapore?

Singapore’s safety record has been slightly improving over the last couple of years. There is a total of 574 major injuries in 2017, a 3.4% decrease in the 594 major injuries in 2016, and a 36.3% decrease in the number of fatal injuries in 2017, compared to 2016.


"In recent years, China’s Belt and Road initiative has been influential in the country’s rise in trend in the security industry, through numerous investments in the industry, opening up significant business opportunities for the security industry."


The development of the IoT technology is also another important factor of the security industry’s growth. Security systems are now able to monitor live videos automatically, using artificial intelligence (AI) to go through and process loads and loads of videos monitoring data. This is possible due to the application of deep learning technologies, increasing and improving the efficiency and convenience of the security systems. With the growing interest and potential of the security industry, the market is expected to hit 961.3 billion , which is approximately 200.4 billion SGD.

Currently, what Singapore has done to improve the safety of workers is to send safety personnel down over to workplaces or construction sites itself to monitor and keep a close eye on the workers and management, whether or not they are inline with the safety policies and regulations. With the help of IoT, safety personnel can monitor these workers from their own office, without having to need to come down to the sites, providing convenience and allowing them to work efficiently and effectively.

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