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3 things to note when choosing a muster point.

meeting point / muster point

In an environment where emergency could happen, the point we are about to share with you are crucial to avoid worst case scenario. The meeting / muster points system has always been under-estimated but are capable of making a hectic situation better and safer during the course of an emergency.

However, the usage of Muster and Meeting are at times interchanged but both still carry the same importance and should be adopted. When choosing or deciding a point in times of emergency, this are the things to take note:

1. Accessibility

- accessible location close to the building that is not impeded by other hazards (e.g. trees, fences, etc.)

2. Size

- large enough to accommodate the number of people assigned to it(if it is a meeting point), > large enough to accommodate amount of people mustering there so as not to overcrowd or constrict movement should a blowout or secondary emergency occur

3. Safety

- far enough away from any other immediate dangers (or current danger area), so additional danger is out of hand during an emergency


With all this in mind, nothing can be as well executed when planning is not done properly. The capability to fully utilize such system is with proper planning. Starting with marking on a floor plan for the probable site to be used for the meeting and followed by the route to be taken.

The recent bomb blast on site caused by an old World War bomb has caused a stir in the Malaysian

construction industry. Such incident can of course be managed by proper inspection of site before works, however, the action that matters most is what happens after.

Improper system of evacuation would allow more casualties to take place. Be it crowding of accident site or rushing away from site will both cause fatal casualties which in turn makes matter worst.

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