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Edging Success: The Hierarchy You Must Know

SRL practices

Working with edges while on site is not uncommon for construction workers. Safety Practices are always carried out because it creates a habitual nature for workers to commit to safety at workplace.

Where options are available and it is up to the Safety Professional to decide what is the best solution, it always comes down to experience as there is no hard and fast rule to decide such site only suit certain system.


Safety Personnel will always go by this hierarchy to define the best option to be used on site:

Elimination / Substitution - removing of hazard (Requires Qualified Person or Design Professional)

Passive Fall Prevention - isolation of hazard (Requires Qualified Person or Design Professional)

Fall Restraint - Preventing workers to reach hazard (Requires Qualified Person)

Fall Arrest - Attaching worker to a device to maintain safety (Requires Qualified Person)

Administrative Controls - Establishing work practices to avoid full hazard (Requires Competent Person)


1) Guardrail System

Where eliminating and substituting is not possible, this system should be implemented, however, with some criteria to meet. Such criteria, when met, will only be termed as complete.

2) Fall Protection Restraint System

This system allows the user to be protected from falls. This system, however, is rigged to only reach as far as the sides of the work area and prevents the wearer from reaching a fall hazard.

3) Positioning Devices System

This system consist of 4 pointers that makes it complete. The first is an anchor point, and shock (energy) absorbed, a full-body harness and a device to be rigged such that the maximum free fall to be allowed is 2 feet. (or as advised)

4) Personal Fall Arrest System

Where all the other system is not feasible, a Personal Fall Arrest System should be used to control fall to hazard. This system also consist 4 criteria with additional feature for each criteria. (1) anchor strap, (2) anchor point, tie-off, (3) double-locking lanyard and energy absorber and (4) full-body harness.

Such hierarchy are best to be used on all potential hazard on-site and analyze the best mode of precaution to be used. This hierarchy needs, however, takes a special set of expertise to properly analyze the best precaution to take.

SRD Pte Ltd, for example, has Safety Personnel that qualifies as experts in safety as the experience they gathered from various background quantifies for such status. If you feel that such precaution are hard to manage, SRD PTE LTD has advisory and consultancy services to assist their clients in the Q.E.S.H issues on site of any industry.

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