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Safety to be heightened through an app


Technological advances especially in Singapore has been so drastic that someone can be 'transported' directly to somewhere without being there - Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR). The end of the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017 was summed on a high note as a few milestone was reached.

In view of the Prime Minster's statement to half the workplace fatality rate by 2028. Innovative tech tools to be devised as a technological solutions help to make workplace safer. $2 million was funded to company with tech based risk management focusing on the leading cause of workplace death, vehicular safety. Observed a clear trend of drastic increase in W.S.H. Institute W.S.H. Report from January to June 2017, the highest contributor of workplace fatal injuries in Manufacturing compared to Construction sectors.


Here are some key technological advancement that brought about a change from 2015 - 2017:

Certis Group Singapore object-recognition technology -

A device that can both have facial-recognition and object-detection. Its capabilities includes when workers do not wear their safety vest, or a helmet, it then sends an alert back to a central monitoring system for follow-up action. Such action would deter against workers taking P.P.E. donning lightly.

Another of its feature is using facial-recognition technology, the system is also able to scan for faces that do not belong to a pre-approved list of faces, limiting the possibility of unwanted intrusions at the workplace.

Fujitsu: Wearable Device -

This device will detect when a driver’s pulse is slowing down because he is dozing off, and another that detects when a worker is experiencing distress or discomfort, so that rescuers or supervisors may respond accordingly. This technology allows overseeing of site especially where the site is huge and traveling from one area to another would take some time.

Vital Sensing Band

Another of Fujitsu's brilliance is its humidity sensor with built-in GPS tracking. This device allows user to be tracked of their movement to efficiently pin point the position of the casualty should anything happen to the user and was reported.


With such advancement in usage of devices to supplement site activity, it will only create a positive impact to work site's activity pertaining to safety and handling it more efficiently. As statistical evidence suggest, such devices would impact more positively in the future when such technology is implemented officially.

Below are current results over the past 2 years that was presented during the congress:


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