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Who Are We?

We have been assisting companies handle their Quality, Environment, Safety & Health (Q.E.S.H) issues since 2008. SRD Pte Ltd provides Q.E.S.H advisory and consultancy services to its clients and also do outsourcing of W.S.H Professionals.


The services provided are customized solutions according to the client's issue. The main priority for SRD Pte Ltd is to assist clients in managing their Workplace Safety & Health issues.


SRD Pte Ltd aims to cater for all its client's requirement and also provide the up-most service with value at a competitive rate. Over the past years, SRD Pte Ltd has clinched projects with both the private and government sector and ensures that standards are supassed.

Our People


SRD Pte Ltd consists of a team of capable and ambitious individuals who strives to provide the best to the firms’ business clients. We have a pool of practitioners specialized in the OSH & E field i.e. Workplace Safety and Health Officers (WSHO), Workplace Safety and Health Supervisors (WSHS), Workplace Safety and Health Coordinators (WSHC), Environmental Control Officers (ECO), Fire Safety Managers (FSM), Noise Monitoring Officers (NMO), Noise Control Officers (NCO), Food Hygiene Officers (FHO), Earth Control Measures Officers ( ECMO ),WAH Assessor, WAH Inspectors and Confined Space Safety Assessors and Facilitators.


SRD offers the unique solution to its client. The main issue with not safety issues on the site is because to save cost, companies would sometimes overload a personnel to have multiple roles on site. This, however, is acceptable but not for the role of any safety the immense work on both the back end and on the site is huge and it is best to have someone to focus solely on this.


In SRD, we offer options that consist of offering personnel on a Full-Time basis, Part Time and Contract basis. We promise to meet your site needs and at the same time to meet any constraints.




SRD Pte Ltd was formerly known as SRD First Enterprise LLP, was formed in June 2008. Our main focus was on the ever growing industry of Singapore where safety has always been the issue. Industries like in the Construction sector, Civil Engineering sector, Industrial Building sector and certain sensitive workplaces would always be prone to safety hazards.


Safety & health hazards during operation will always be there. The issue that concerns all stakeholders would be if such hazards are managed properly especially those that has been gone un-noticed.  Here in SRD Pte Ltd, we are equipped with the best OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) managing personnel that has experienced in this industry. However, to add value to our service, we still do offer our clients the packages that fit into their schedule and plans and not only offer them premium packages that would deem inefficient to their needs. 


We work hand-in-hand with our clients to tackle the wide stride of Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) and Environmental issues and to meet the challenge of compliance with the performance base-based OSH legislation of Singapore. Our growth is driven by the increasing understanding of stakeholders in taking effective means to manage OSH & risks.




Company’s Motto 'MANAGE RISK'

"Our company's motto speaks for itself as our sole business proposition for our clients. Hazards can always be managed physically by anyone, however, to manage it properly and to identify it before it happens is the main issue faced by most. A risk in its own definition would be for issues that would happen when the time comes. This is where SRD Pte Ltd's specialty comes takes effect, that is to manage it before it starts becoming an accident."


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